Kaley Cuoco Just Dropped THIS ‘Baby Making’ Innuendo With Fiance Karl Cook


Actress Kaley Cuoco truly believes that fiancé Karl Cook is the one. Beyond their love affair, she’s very excited to have “really cute blond babies” with the professional equestrian who proposed on her birthday.

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

The couple just got engaged back in November. Since then, they’ve celebrated birthdays, holidays, events, and Disneyland trips on Instagram. Plus, they’re already talking about extending their new family.

“He’s blonde,” joked the actress in a PEOPLE interview. “Figured we’d have really cute blond babies.”

Kaley Cuoco Feels “Awesome” About Engagement

Cuoco Post | Photo Credit Instagram

Whether she’s joking or not, the actress is definitely in love with Karl Cook. Kaley Cuoco has said she’s “happy and super excited” to spend her life with this man. “It feels awesome,” she said. “You just know when you meet the right guy.”

Some skeptical fans may point to ex-husband Ryan Sweeting and argue that the actress has simply switched athletes. However, Cuoco has addressed this comment and even changed the tattoo on her back to signify her growth.

“I mean, sometimes you make a mistake along the way. I think that’s a part of life,” she said. “And now I’m finally going to be settled, and I found the right person, and I’m super grateful for that.”

Finding The Courage To Get Married

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Daily Mail

Kaley Cuoco is 32 and Karl Cook is 27. They got engaged last November after dating for two years. Cook said it took him this long to get up the “courage to ask her to marry” him.

The duo met at an event where Cook was working. As a professional equestrian, the man rides horses for a living. Kaley Cuoco also rides horses to stay in shape, but it was essentially love at first sight.

Since they met, the couple has shared a great deal of their relationship on social media. Beyond riding horses, they also love to spend time with their horses and their dogs. Plus, they have added a miniature pony to their ensemble of pets. 

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