Kaley Cuoco Dropped THIS Clue That Almost Killed Sheldon Cooper


“Anyone have a clue what this is? Well it’s all part of tonight’s all new Big Bang Theory,” wrote actress Kaley Cuoco. “Don’t miss the fun!” In her latest Instagram post, it’s clear that she still “churns” for co-star Johnny Galecki.

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit YouTube

In the past, the two dated but now they’re just friends. In the photo, she’s holding an antique butter churn that was used in the episode. In real life, their relationship has ended, but she’s wearing Karl Cook’s engagement ring.

The real butter churn actually ended up hurting poor Sheldon Cooper.

Kaley Cuoco Highlights Sheldon-Amy Episode

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

On the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper showed up with a butter churn for his fiancé, Amy Farrah Fowler. The physicist had come up with the brilliant idea to throw his fiancé a proper frontier-like wedding.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go well after dinner. Sheldon’s authentic “frontier scallops” made both of them sick. The next day, they even had to skip their annual Amy birthday coitus.

Despite their bad day, the ended up growing closer as a couple.

Love On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Love is truly in the air on The Big Bang Theory. Not only are Sheldon and Amy preparing for their big day, but Leonard and Penny are also taking things to the next level in their relationship.

During the episode, Leonard received a “braggy” Christmas letter from his brother. In the letter, his brother showed off his horses, dogs, and accomplishments, like building a hospital through a charity.

Even though Penny and Leonard’s list of accomplishments is rather short, they’re moving forward in the right direction. While they haven’t decided on having a baby or buying a house, they’re at least talking about their future.

All in all, all of the characters on The Big Bang Theory are moving forward with their lives. In many ways, we believe that this means the show will soon be coming to an end. Either way, they’re going out with a bang.

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