Kaley Cuoco Spotted “Heavily Meditated” Leaving Yoga

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

Kaley Cuoco Spotted In Sherman Oaks

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

Actress Kaley Cuoco was spotted leaving Sherman Oaks yoga studio last Tuesday morning wearing an inspirational tank top. The shirt, which read “Heavily Meditated,” somewhat highlights the actress’ personality.

Kaley Cuoco threw her arm in the arm when she ran into the paparazzi outside of the studio, with her friend, who wore a shirt that read, “I need coffee.” Both had just come from the workout center.

Cuoco has credited her fit physique to yoga in the past.

Yoga Gear And Short Shorts

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

Daily Mail writes:

“She’s found her zen and she wants you to know. Kaley Cuoco, 31, left her Sherman Oaks yoga studio on Tuesday morning wearing an inspirational tank top. With ‘Heavily Meditated’ emblazoned across the Big Bang Theory star’s chest, Kaley threw her arm in the air and cheered as she walked to her car with a friend.”

“Showing off her toned legs, the 8 Simple Rules star wore a pair of black Nike shorts with bright red piping for her morning of stretching. She paired her workout look with millennial pink slippers that featured large silver studs.”

“The Charmed starlet tied back her signature long blonde locks into a top bun for her sweaty workout. She wore a pair of gold mirrored sunglasses for the long walk back to her vehicle. Kaley carried a reusable hot pink water bottle in one hand and a moisture wicking towel in the other, with a black bag strapped over her shoulder.”

Penny And Leonard In Season 11

photo by vulture.com

When the series returns, we’re going to find out what’s next for Sheldon’s proposal to Amy, but also what’s next for Penny and Leonard. Many fans are expecting for the newlyweds to have a baby in Season 11 on Big Bang.

There’s also speculation that Howard and Bernadette are going to be preparing for another child in either Season 11 or Season 12.

What do you think will happen to Penny when the show returns?

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