Kaley Cuoco Shares Her Secret Airplane Entertainment


Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory on a plane? Kaley Cuoco admitted she loves seeing other people watch her show while flying. The actress says it’s a great way to pass the time on a flight.

Kaley Cuoco Loves The Big Bang Theory

Ever wondered if celebrities like watching their own shows? Well, it turns out Kaley Cuoco prefers to watch her show through other people’s eyes. After 10 years of success, The Big Bang Theory has found serious success in the sky. We can recall dozens of times it’s been streaming on our airplane televisions. It’s a great universal comedy that many people can enjoy. Airlines probably select it knowing just how popular the series is.

Kaley Cuoco likes to check out what her fellow flyers are watching and she’ll often see her self on their screen. She told Jimmy Kimmel, “They play it a lot. It’s very funny if I’m sitting I can see. Do you ever do this when you’re flying? You have your own little TV, but you find yourself watching the other TVs? …It’s constantly Big Bang.

Kaley also said she loves to watch other people watch the show for a specific reason; She hates the sound of her own voice. She told Jimmy, “I hate the sound of my voice. So I like to watch it that way. I can see it, see what’s going on, check out how I looked. But I don’t have to hear anything.”

Caught In The Act

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Kaley even admitted that she’s been caught watching others watch her own show several times. She says she always waves and gives a jovial thumbs up. Can you imagine turning around and seeing Kaley Cuoco staring at your airplane screen? She joked, “People love to watch our show on the plane…It works for us because you’re kind of forced. You have to watch it, you can’t jump off the plane if you hate it so much.”

We love how fun Kaley Cuoco is. She’s always willing to make light of the situation. Some celebrities might be too stuck up or closed off to enjoy other people on a flight, but not Kaley. You have to love a celebrity who still enjoys connecting with fans.