Kaley Just Made A HUGE Announcement About Penny & Leonard’s Future… Fans Losing It


“I think it’s causing like, the itch,” said Kaley Cuoco about Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory. “You know when your girlfriends start getting married or having kids, you go, “Oh, should I be doing this too?”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

With Howard and Bernadette expecting again, Leonard and Penny might also be getting the baby itch. Kaley Cuoco, the star who plays Penny, confirmed this idea at a Stand Up for Pits benefit in Hollywood, California.

The actress is actually thinking about kids in real life and as the character.

Kaley Cuoco Talks Leonard-Penny Baby News

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“I think with Leonard and Penny, they’re starting to talk about that too, and saying, “Oh my God, are we behind?” said the actress. “But I think they’re right where they need to be and I don’t think we need another baby on set,” she joked.

However, this isn’t the first time Kaley Cuoco pretended to be pregnant. Once, in a Lifetime movie, she got to wear a fake baby belly. “I had the belly, it was really fun,” she said.

“People really take you seriously. They let you do whatever you want,” she laughed.

Will Kaley Cuoco Also Have A Baby?

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

Currently, Kaley Cuoco is focused on Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory and running her new production company, Norman Productions. With this new company, she’s also preparing for her first project, a mini-series called The Flight Attendant.

Besides her career, though, friends of Kaley Cuoco have said that she has been talking about a baby. Both the actress and her equestrian boyfriend Karl Cook have shared that they are almost ready for children with friends.

Presumably, The Big Bang Theory will come to an end after Season 12, which is why Cuoco is considering new shows and a perhaps a baby. Karl Cook has also referred to his girlfriend as the “future mother of his children.”

While nothing has been set in stone, friends of the couple really believe that they will start working on a family very soon.

Do you think we’ll see a pregnant Penny this season on The Big Bang Theory?