Kaley Cuoco Actually Posts “Topless Photo” On Instagram


Kaley Cuoco “Hurts So Good” Instagram Post

Kaley Cuoco Cupping | Photo Credit Instagram

It’s pretty clear that actress Kaley Cuoco works hard to stay in shape. Since she’s now in her 30s, the star works out by doing yoga and riding horses. She also is very careful with what she eats and drinks throughout the day.

In addition to these workouts, she’s also trying something called “cupping.” In the topless photo above, Kaley Cuoco is shows off her “horse girl tan lines” and something that “hurts so good.”

Cupping therapy means applying a local suction to the skin to help with muscle knots and swelling.

Michael Phelps’ “Rule Yourself” / Cupping Ad


The method is also being used by many Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps. Sports fans may have noticed round purple marks on the backs of their favorite athletes. Phelps even showcased the painful recovery in a commercial.

Dr. Vreeman believes there’s not enough research behind it: “There are no health benefits to cupping documented in the scientific literature,” she says. “The only study I have seen … with any impact related to cupping…was likely related to a placebo effect.”

Essentially, if you see the marks on your skin, your mind tells you that you are getting better.

Eating Right, Working Out, Cupping…?

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

Regardless of whether or not it works, if your mind tells you it works, then it works. For Kaley Cuoco, she’s trying everything she can to keep in shape. This means eating right, working out, and trying the occasional fad for recovery.

As for her character, Kaley Cuoco makes it look easy. Penny is most often seen enjoying a glass of wine and eating takeout, but she stays thin. It must be that broken elevator in the building that will never get fixed.

After Kaley Cuoco posted the picture, some fans teased her online. “Your scales are showing” and “That’s a bit extreme, yes/no” wrote another. Whatever keeps the actress going, she’s keeping in amazing shape.

Would you ever try something so extreme for to stay in shape?