New Shocking Rumors About Kaley Cuoco Being Pregnant With Karl Cook’s Child


Some people (including her friends) have said that Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook are rushing into their marriage. With that thought in mind, the next rumor would like involve the actress being pregnant. But this online rumor has been proven false.

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Seth Myers

Apparently, the source of the fire started within the pages of the National Enquirer. The rumor-driven paper said that actress Kaley Cuoco and equestrian Karl Cook are already expecting their first child.

One clue revolves around a presumed “baby bump” on the red carpet. But there was another clue to back up the article.

Kaley Cuoco Reported Pregnant By Unreliable Source

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

A “friend” of the actress told the publication, “We all think she’s already pregnant! All the signs are there. It’s been a whirlwind since they got engaged, and all they talk about is having babies.”

Similarly, the tabloid’s sister outlet RadarOnline published a similar story. The article read, “Big Bang Bun In The Oven” and reported similar clues. Essentially, the magazine and its sister company are sourcing one another, but neither is accurate.

Other recent titles include “Hillary [Clinton]: 6 Months to Live,” “World War 3 Is Coming (with Trump on the cover),” and, of course, “Big Foot Found!”

Other False Stories From The Sister Sites

Cuoco, Parsons | Photo Credit E!

Kaley Cuoco addressed the rumor to describe them as “absolutely untrue.” When a publication uses an anonymous source, we assume most readers roll their eyes at the comments regardless.

Other false stories around Kaley Cuoco came from Star, which is also connected to the National Enquirer. The Star article reported that Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cooker were “cooling off,” which was also clearly false.

This is the same publication that also said The Big Bang Theory was falling apart behind the scenes. The article said that ego was tearing the show apart, but that’s also just nonsense.

Perhaps the most ridiculous story yet revolved around Cuoco feuding with co-star Mayim Bialik. The article said that Bialik and Johnny Galecki were not friends, which caused a feud between Cuoco (his girlfriend at the time) and the new character.

Clearly, all of these rumors turned out to be false.

When do you think Kaley Cuoco will actually announce a pregnancy?