Kaley Cuoco Leaks Valuable Insights About Sheldon And Amy’s Wedding


We Big Bang Theory fans are desperate for information about Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. It seems the pair have been planning the event for ages. Now, Kaley Cuoco gives us the tiniest piece of info and lets us know it will be just as great as we’ve predicted.

Sheldon And Amy’s Wedding

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Sheldon and Amy’s wedding has been the talk of TBBT Season 11 for a while now. Ever since Season 10 ended with the massive cliffhanger of Sheldon’s proposal, we’ve been dying to know what these nuptials will be like. Now, Kaley Cuoco has given us the tiniest bit of information. She told People that the ceremony, “will be very, very strange.” That make us very excited. We never wanted Sheldon and Amy to have a plain old wedding. They deserve more than a typical garden ceremony or cheesy romantic montage. We want it to be as weird as possible. 

Mayim Bialik agrees. She previously said she hopes there will be as many nerdy elements as possible. The actress wrote, “I think if our writers decide to actually do a wedding at some point — which, I literally have no idea, like, I promise — there will absolutely be Klingons, there may be Stormtrooper costumes involved. I think it’s gonna be, if we were to do it, it would be geek to the max. And I think everybody would probably love that. But it could also be super romantic on a boat in Greece, and I would be all for going to Greece. I’m letting our producers know that.”

When Will It Be?

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It seems neither Kaley nor Mayim know when the wedding will be. The Big Bang Theory writers love to wait til the last minute to let everyone know what’s going on. Kaley said, “I’m hoping it’s gonna be the season finale. I’ve heard they’ve not written it yet so, but that’s been the same for Big Bang since day one, nothing is planned so anything could happen.”

We really hope there are klingons, and a strange ceremony, and all of Sheldon and Amy’s hilarious relatives. Truly the bigger the better for this long anticipated episode. Do you think Kaley Cuoco’s right? Should the wedding be the season finale this year?