Kaley Cuoco Just Gave Major Insight Into What Her Wedding Will Be Like


Kaley Cuoco is engaged to Karl Cook and fans have been dying to know when and where the wedding will occur. Though no official details have been released yet, this promotional video for Sheldon and Amy’s wedding gives some major insight into what Kaley prefers for her own wedding. Here’s what she had to say.

Kaley Wants a Big Wedding

The Big Bang Theory has been buzzing with wedding news all year, leading up to the major Season 11 finale which featured Sheldon and Amy getting hitched. As part of a promotional package for the special episode, the TBBT actors answered a series of rapid-fire questions about their wedding preferences.

It was a fun way to get to know the whole bunch a little better. However, it was Kaley Cuoco’s answers that we were seriously interested in. After all, Kaley is set to get married in the near future, to finance Karl Cook. While many of the actors brushed off the questions and laughed, Kaley seemed very sure of hers. This leads us to believe she’s been thinking long and hard about the details going into a wedding. Here’s what she shared.

Kaley Won’t See Karl Before the Ceremony

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The first question for the Big Bang Theory cast- should the groom see the bride before the ceremony? Kaley immediately shook her head, frowned and said “oh, no.” Sounds like when it comes to this one superstition, Kaley intends to stay traditional. 

This will be in contrast to Sheldon and Amy, who (SPOILER ALERT) actually worked on a scientific equation in the bridal sweet together before the ceremony. Kaley’s character Penny had to come in and remind the two that they are supposed to get married. Seems like Penny and Kaley have a lot in common- they don’t think the bride and groom should be plotting large scientific discoveries together before they walk down the aisle. 

Kaley also revealed she won’t be getting dirty at her wedding.

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