THIS Unexpected Problem Might Sabotage Kaley Cuoco And Karl Cook’s Marriage


Two months ago, actress Kaley Cuoco and equestrian Karl Cook got engaged to celebrate her 32nd birthday. However, her friends are already trying to tell the duo to wait on the marriage.

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

According to Life & Style, her gal pals said she might be “galloping toward another romantic catastrophe.” The evidence behind this harsh comment falls on her super-short marriage to tennis star Ryan Sweeting. The couple split after only 21 months.

The source said she should postpone the wedding because “she bounced back from a divorce too quickly.”

Kaley Cuoco Ignores Advice From Co-Stars and Friends

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

According to the publication, co-star and ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki also told Kaley Cuoco similar advice. He said not to “rush into another wedding.” Despite the warnings, the actress believes she has waited long enough.

She’s dated Karl Cook for about two years. And she’s ready to get married again. In many ways, she seems to moving forward in the right direction. But it’s understandable that the actress will have naysayers around her.

However, it is clear that Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook have a great deal in common.

Preparing For A More Solid Relationship

Cuoco Post | Photo Credit Instagram

Every day, it seems like one of the future Cooks are posting images on Instagram or making short movies on SnapChat. Through their social shares, fans can see that the duo love riding horses, playing with their pet pit bulls, and spending time together.

In addition, Cuoco has been on a series for over a decade, so she’s at the place where she could essentially retire if she wanted to. While this isn’t likely, she does have the opportunity to pick and choose roles, slow down a little, and settle in.

It’s also quite possible that she and Cook will start working on growing their family in the near future. We’ve seen a handful of photos that show the actress holding a friend’s newborn. She’s also said she’s ready for a bigger family.

Based on their interest and the time in their lives, it would appear that Cook and Cuoco have a better foundation than she had with Sweeting.

Are you looking forward to seeing photos from Cuoco’s next wedding?