Kaley Cuoco “Flips” On Jim Parsons On Set Because…


Kaley Cuoco Unhappy With Jim Parsons

Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Instagram

This season, the cast of The Big Bang Theory has been showing fans a ton of behind-the-scenes footage. Kaley Cuoco revealed her pink script for the premiere and Johnny Galecki showcased a photo of he and Cuoco warming up the audience.

In a recent photo, Penny actress Kaley Cuoco posted another behind-the-scenes photo of herself with Jim Parsons. In the image, it looks like the man behind Sheldon Cooper has done something to anger his colleague.

“A little inside look at the effort it takes shooting an episode of @thebigbangtheory,” Cuoco wrote in the Instagram post.

Trouble During TBBT Read-through 

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Jim Parsons looks like classic Sheldon Cooper in the black-and-white image. Cuoco is on the couch and both seemed to be dressed for a reading rather than filming. Hopefully, Kaley Cuoco didn’t do anything like sit in Sheldon’s spot to make him be rude to her.

More than likely, the duo is just going over some notes for a new episode. Generally speaking, the cast will have a read-through to see which jokes land and there could also be material added at the last minute.

Some shows are more improv than others, but Big Bang generally follows the script.

“You Try To Help A Gal Out…”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Jim Parsons tweeted about the photo: “Boy, you try to help a gal out with some helpful direction and this is the thanks you get. I’ll leave it to Mark — the actual director — from now on. Lesson learned, @normancook Tape night at BBT!”

It’s unclear which episode the gang will be filming next, but they’re likely several episodes ahead of the CBS premiere. Penny and Sheldon could be planning a wedding sequence since we’ve already seen the big engagement.

Perhaps Jim Parsons made a joke about Kaley Cuoco’s next wedding in real life. She’s been getting pretty hot and heavy with equestrian Karl Cook. Perhaps the two will get married before Sheldon and Amy do on television!

If nothing else, it looks like Jim Parsons learned his lesson here.

What do you think of this hilarious photo from Kaley Cuoco?