Kaley Cuoco Can’t Catch a Break: Fourth of July Controversy


I know this happened a couple of months ago. I just thought it was worth drumming up a little article about. Kaley Cuoco doesn’t always have the best reputation in the public eye. People have called her diva, some say she starts trouble on set, and now people are really mad about her dogs. Confused? Let me explain.

Cuoco left her pups with a dog sitter for the Fourth of July. Apparently, they weren’t aware of the rule that an American flag should never be placed on the ground. With that being said, the flag probably shouldn’t have dogs laying on it either. After sharing a pic of her pups on Instagram, the controversy began!

One of the dogs had a flag wrapped around its neck while another was laying on an American flag. Kaley didn’t take the picture herself, it was taken by her dog sitter and she captioned the image, “Thank you for taking such good care of the squad while I’m out of town. 4th of July pups!!!”

And responses like this starting coming in:

“Hey Kaley Cuoco, how on earth did U NOT know putting it on the ground violates US Flag Code?! STUDY~> http://www.usflag.org/uscode36.html @bigbangtheory”

Her Apology

Realizing that she caused such a storm of controversy, Kaley deleted the photo the next day and replaced it with an American flag shaped like a heart. There was also a written apology:

“I would like to comment on a photo I posted yesterday, that has caused lots of controversy. First off, please know, I have the utmost respect for my country. I am a proud American in every sense of the word. I understand the American flag stands for our freedom and represents American heroes, past and present. Yesterday I made a mistake by posting the picture that was taken of my sweet dogs posing on an American flag,” she began.

“I sincerely apologize to anyone that has been offended by my previous post. This is no way reflects my feelings toward what the American flag represents. Living in the public eye, can be extremely difficult at times. Every mistake and every imperfection is amplified. I am not perfect. I am a proud American, today, tomorrow, always,” she concluded.

Cuddles!  Credit: http://afrossip.com

The Aftermath

Fans have cooled down since then. We can conclude that this mishap has been forgiven. I’m a sucker for cute pups, just like the rest of the world. I’m sure Kaley meant nothing of it and just thought it would be a cute Fourth of July picture. But I can also understand why people would get upset about it, especially our veterans and current soldiers.

I’m just glad no one blamed the dogs. It’s not like they knew what was going on. What was also lucky that this catastrophe didn’t get any worse. Even though it was back in July, it wasn’t too far off from the season ten premiere next week. People tend to remember negative publicity.

Do you think Kaley knew what she was doing?