Why Johnny Galecki May ONLY Appear In The First Episode Of The Roseanne Reboot


ABC is about to bring Roseanne back to the small screen and Johnny Galecki has signed on for an episode as the character David. But due to his busy schedule, he’s only been able to agree to one episode. However, that could change.

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Roseanne

“If they come back next year for another eight or nine, I would love to do more than one next year,” said actor Johnny Galecki. Currently, the actor’s main focus has been The Big Bang Theory, but he’s also working to produce a new show.

This is certainly a silver lining to the fact that Galecki will only be in one episode for the first season.

Johnny Galecki Eyes Larger Role As David

Roseanne Reboot | Photo Credit Johnny Galecki

Since Roseanne hasn’t premiered yet (March release), there’s no guarantee that the show will get a second season. However, other revivals like Will and Grace, The X-Files, and Arrested Development have done well (Party of Five is on the way).

There’s certainly a lot of chatter about the Roseanne reboot, so it should get a warm welcome. Then it will simply be up to the fanbase and the writers to get the ratings up for a second season.

Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing the Conner family in 2018.

Close A Door, Open A Window…

Roseanne Reboot | Photo Credit ABC

In addition to Roseanne getting a potential second season, there’s also a chance that The Big Bang Theory will come to an end. All of the rumors point to the beloved sitcom ending around Season 12.

Currently, the actors have signed on for another season, but that may be the end. So far, the majority of the cast has already signed on for new projects, and they’re being somewhat sentimental in interviews.

Jim Parsons said they haven’t’ had the official “talk” with writer or producers, but Johnny Galecki has mentioned only having a few episodes left. Likewise, Kunal Nayyar said they’re gearing up for the end.

With that in mind, we’re predicting the show will conclude after Season 12. Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, and Simon Helberg are all producing and creating shows. Plus, Kaley Cuoco has her eyes on a role in The Flight Attendant, which she will produce.

If The Big Bang Theory ends, Johnny Galecki could join Roseanne full time.

Are you looking forward to the Roseanne reboot?