Roseanne Fans Saddened That Reboot Will Start With This Darlene And David Plot Twist


Before Leonard and Penny, there was Darlene and David. The duo made it work despite their parent’s disapproval. Now, with the Roseanne reboot, there could be trouble for the couple, who are portrayed by Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilberts.

Roseanne | Photo Credit ABC

Most of the things that fans loved about the original series will also be in the reboot. However, the new version is going to have to tweak the “death” of Dan (John Goodman) and figure out how to deal with Becky (portrayed by two actresses).

Among the updates, the Conner family will tackle the Trump Presidency, but there are also going to be problems with David and Darlene’s marriage.

Johnny Galecki Joins Roseanne Reboot, But…

Roseanne Reboot | Photo Credit ABC

Essentially, the reboot will ignore the odd detour that Season 9 of the show finished with. Instead of Dan’s heart attack and Darlene’s new man, the show will focus on ideas that Roseanne Barr has been writing ever since the finale.

In the reboot, Darlene and David have two teenage children together. Harris (Emma Kenney) and her younger brother Mark (Ames McNamara), who is named after an uncle who passed away.

For fans who love David and Darlene, it might be a little heartbreaking to hear that the series begins with Darlene moving back home after she and David split up.

Roseanne Has Always Been Built On Realism

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Roseanne

Despite being somewhat sad, the situation is realistic. After all, the reason why Roseanne was so popular in the first place is because it’s true to life. The core of the show always revolved around portraying the lives of everyday Americans.

Part of the reason the couple split up may also involve Johnny Galecki’s current role on The Big Bang Theory. Because of his busy schedule, the Roseanne writers could really only include in one episode for the first season.

But Galecki has expressed some interest in doing more in the future if the show is picked up. In addition, Sara Gilberts said this will be the “most emotional season” they’ve ever filmed.

With that in mind (and with TBBT possibly coming to an end), that could mean making Galecki a regularly on the reboot. This could mean a reconciliation of David and Darlene for fans.

Are you looking forward to the Roseanne reboot this March?