Did Larry King Just Ask Galecki A Question He Can’t…. Answer?


Larry King Interviews Johnny Galecki

Larry King asks the tough questions. He began a recent interview with Johnny Galecki by asking the actor about his first kiss. “Annie B. I’ll leave it at that,” joked the actor. “I don’t want to give away her full name.”

Galecki also said that his father told him never to trust attorneys and he said Simon Helberg (Howard) is the jokester on the show. “It’s just how his mind works. He’s funny. He’s fast,” said Galecki about his co-star.

The interview then bounces between political and comedic answers.

The Biggest Flirt On Set Of TBBT

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Larry King

When Larry King asked Johnny Galecki about who is the biggest flirt on set, the actor had to nominate himself. “I like to flirt. But I don’t discriminate. I flirt with everybody.” King said since he’s not married, it’s okay to flirt with everybody.

Some of this flirting landed the actor a few dates with Kaley Cuoco. Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco dated for two years at the beginning of the show. The couple has since broken up, but remain great friends.

Larry King then started to ask the actor about worst auditions.

Johnny Galecki Obsessions And More


Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Larry King
Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Larry King

Then, Johnny Galecki said one thing he does that his agent hates, is recommending other actors for a role. Rather than over-compensate for himself, he’ll suggest another person take on the character.

Beyond that, he likes reading for roles. The actor said that when you’re not desperate for next month’s rent, it’s like a three-minute performance for a group of people, which is what acting is all about.

The actor then joked that he’s obsessed with Dateline, news shows, and non-fiction. When he’s working on a sitcom, he enjoys non-fiction because he can’t unwind with a sitcom after working all day.

In addition to his interests, he is also the occasional insomniac. Galecki jokes that he stays up at night pacing the floor. When something gets stuck in his mind, he stays up half the night. 

Can you believe that Leonard is a bigger flirt than Howard?