Jim Parsons Talks The “Potential” Of Sheldon Cooper On Big Bang


Jim Parsons Discusses The Role Of A Lifetime: Every now and then, an actor will land a role that they were truly meant for.

During the performance, it’s clear the part was meant for them, like Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, or Michael Keaton in The Founder.

One such role also happened when Jim Parsons read the pilot for The Big Bang Theory.

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Wish I Was Here

Immediately, the actor recognized a part of himself in Sheldon Cooper, which excited him to take on the role.

Parsons describes Sheldon’s metamorphosis as both “gradual” and “sudden.”

Taping The Pilot, Winning The Ratings

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“The sudden part was the taping of the pilot,” said Parsons. “It just went very well, as far as audience reaction and the amount of just genuine laughter. And nobody knew anything.”

“Nobody had met these characters before, so it was all… It was either going to make ’em laugh or it wasn’t. You were being introduced to all of this as it went. And that tape night went very, very well. I felt that they had assembled a real tight machine.”

As for the next phase, it was more gradual, according to Parsons. They had filmed four or five episodes before the pilot aired and the reviews were hit and miss. Either way, Parsons felt like he could really sink his teeth into the role of Sheldon.

Becoming A Top-5 Show On Television

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit Instagram

“We had a couple of years under our belt by the time it was like “Oh my God, we’re a top-five show.” And then they’ve got us behind Two and a Half Men and it’s getting all these new viewers and there’s attention. And there was this foundation we had built. We were still coming to work and doing the same work we had been doing all the time,” said the actor.

For Parsons, this is the only show he has been on since the very beginning so while he’s not familiar with how other shows work, he’s both grateful and thrilled to still be working on The Big Bang Theory for CBS.

Is Sheldon your favorite character on The Big Bang Theory?

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