Jim Parsons Says “Anything Is Possible” About TBBT Farewell Season


The Big Bang Theory is halfway through the 11th Season. There are several reasons why Season 12 could be the farewell season. Sheldon Cooper actor Jim Parsons weighed in about a potential final season.

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“I think anything’s possible,” said Jim Parsons about a farewell season. “The thing is it’s just getting into really odd territory, as far as like, there are less and less examples to go, ‘Well, they did this and then this other show did this.’”

The good news is that the actor also said they haven’t had the official talk with writers and cast about ending the show.

Jim Parsons Believes “The End Is Near…”

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“I will tell you that, for whatever reason, they’ve all been enjoyable seasons. But as far as camaraderie goes, the frivolity on the set, just the jovial atmosphere, has never been at a more pitched degree than it is this season,” added Parsons.

The actor said the feeling on set could be because everyone is thinking, “The end is near.” In addition, they’ve gone through so many seasons that they’re all starting to get nostalgic on set.

In the end, Jim Parsons said it’s an “appreciation” of one another on set.

Looking For New Work After Final Season

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Kunal Nayyar (Raj) has also said they’re very aware that they have fewer episodes to film than they’ve already shot. Leonard-actor Johnny Galecki has also posted pictures saying they’re working on some of the final episodes this season.

Jim Parsons concluded, “You just don’t know. So, because of that, I could see it making things go further. It’s really hard to say. And there are so many people making their own decisions involved.”

As far as everyone making their own decisions, it’s true that the actors have all started taking on new projects. Jim Parsons is actually leading this group as he’s narrating Young Sheldon and working on producing a medical drama.

Johnny Galecki is joining the Roseanne reboot and producing a new series, Living Biblically. Kaley Cuoco has a show called The Flight Attendant lined up and Simon Helberg is producing a CIA comedy called Need to Know.

Do you think The Big Bang Theory will end with Season 12?