Jim Parsons Shares His Thoughts On His Upcoming Major Jump To The BIG Screen


At one point, there was a major difference between television and film. Essentially, there were actors (like Robert DeNiro), movie stars (like Burt Reynolds), and television stars (like Christopher Meloni). But over the years, things have changed, which is good for actor Jim Parsons.

In the past, producers and network executives didn’t necessarily think that TV stars could hold their own on the big screen. This was true all the way up until the Sex and the City movie in 1998. But actors like Tom Hanks (Bosom Buddies), Will Smith (The Fresh Prince), and George Clooney (E.R.) proved this theory to be false.

Jim Parsons is now making his jump from small screen to big screen with the new Indie flick, A Kid Like Jake.

Actor Jim Parsons Talks About Hollywood Films

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Wish I Was Here

Jim Parsons has already tested the waters with cameos in Hidden Figures, The Norman Heart (TV Movie), and Wish I Was Here. But, with A Kid Like Jake, he’s getting his chance to lead the film at the box office.

“When most people become actors, that’s exactly what they want to do. They want to engage in something that is written in a way that feels real. If you’ve ever had a relationship with anybody, you’ve had a fight that mimicked or was related to that argument in some way about something else,” said Jim Parsons about the new role.

“But it was upsetting too. I remember the first time we went through it that day, I was a puddle of tears at the end. In that way, it was very upsetting,” he said about the role. Clearly, the new film is much more dramatic than The Big Bang Theory.

Making A Film That Means Something

Essentially, the new movie revolves around a young couple choosing a kindergarten for their child. But Jake is not like other children. Rather than playing with G.I. Joes, he prefers to play with Cinderella.

“I just wanted to be part of it because it can be anything with a child, but it happens to be something I don’t know very much about. And I know that a lot of parents are facing this issue,” said co-star Octavia Spencer (also from Hidden Figures).

Outside of The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons has also found a place in the heart of Broadway. The actor has starred in The Normal Heart, Harvey, and An Act of God. He’s also working on the Boys in the Band.

Are you looking forward to this new film that stars Jim Parsons?