3 Mind-Blowing Theories About TBBT And Jim Parsons’ Sophisticated Opinion About Them


The Late Late Show with James Corden found some unusual fan theories on Reddit about The Big Bang Theory. Luckily, Sheldon Cooper actor Jim Parsons stopped by to address these wild rumors.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The first rumor is that Sheldon Cooper is actually “Spock in disguise.” The rumor comes from the episodes where the character has heard Spock’s voice. Plus, both love space and hate sharing (or feeling) emotions.

“That can’t be [the writer’s] intent,” said Jim Parsons. “I can see how you can make that work for you, but I can’t play that. That’s unplayable, I think.”

Jim Parsons Answers Bernadette Cyborg Theory

Next, Reddit users think that Bernadette may be a cyborg. The evidence revolves around Howard’s engineering background, which includes kissing robots and shoulder massage robots. Plus, she’s a lot like his mother.

“I’m never exactly sure what a cyborg is, but I believe it’s A.I. with flesh. Boobs in this case. Don’t we all sort of build our own romantic cyborg? Even in the best of relationships, you wake up… ten years in and go, ‘Oh God I married my mother.’”

There’s no doubt that Howard married a version of his mother, but apparently, she’s not a cyborg.

Connecting Barney Stinson And Sheldon Cooper

Neil Patrick Harris | Photo Credit HIMYM

Finally, there’s perhaps the most unusual fan theory. Some people believe that Sheldon Cooper is Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother in an alternate universe. They’re exact polar opposites and bizarre in their own ways.

Ironically, Jim Parsons actually read for the role of Barney Stinson, but he immediately felt it wasn’t for him. In the end, they certainly cast the right actor with Neil Patrick Harris.

“I find this fascinating that I have this loose-ish connection to that part and that you’ve got this theory. It’s not true, but maybe I’m giving that vibe off,” said the actor in an online Q&A.

“Maybe underneath [Sheldon Cooper] is a raging horn-dog and a womanizer. This one, I think, is as close to the truth is one is going to get,” he added.

What do you think of these hilarious fan theories for The Big Bang Theory?