Jim Parsons Makes One Thing VERY Clear On His Saturday Night Live Monologue


Hosting Saturday Night Live is one of the great honors a celebrity can receive. Not only is it an honor, but it’s also a challenge. “I am so excited to be hosting Saturday Night Live,” said Jim Parsons. “It’s so weird to be on a show that’s not re-broadcast 18 times a week.”

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit SNL

“When you’ve done that many shows, people have a difficult time separating you from your character,” said actor Jim Parsons. Ironically, while he’s not exactly like Sheldon Cooper, there are certainly some similarities.

After all, all of the Big Bang Theory stars are a little like the characters they portray.

Jim Parsons Says He Is Not Sheldon Cooper

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“I am not a scientist. I don’t speak Klingon,” said Jim Parsons. “I do have a male roommate, but I assure you it’s a vastly different arrangement,” joked the actor about his husband.

“That guy you see on your television—I’m not that guy,” added the actor. Surprisingly, the actor then went into song. In the background, the SNL band began to start a musical.

“On TV, I play a genius / with a Physics PhD. / He’s meticulous. / A bit ridiculous…” began the actor. “But the truth is, that’s not me.”

Urkel, Fonzie, Costanza, & Sheldon Cooper Unite

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit SNL

The real jokes came when Jim Parsons started to make comparisons to nerds in television history. “In the 90s, there was Urkel, who made Friday nights a blast. But, Jaleel White, he’s a full-grown man who can probably kick your ass.”

The next nerd, George Costanza (Jason Alexander) from Seinfeld, is also a nerd with more to offer. The host then sang about his friend from Seinfeld once winning a Tony as a singer and dancer.

“Let’s bring it home everybody,” sang Parsons. Then, characters who looked like Urkel, George Costanza, Bill Cosby, and Fonzie came out to sing with Sheldon. “Cause we’re not just some creation that you saw in syndication… So it really would be super if you didn’t call me Sheldon Cooper.”

The hilarious monologue hit home for all the character actors out there who only hear the character names when they meet fans.

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