Jim Parsons Reveals New TBBT Behind-the-Scenes Photo


Every now and then, the stars behind TBBT share photos on set. The behind-the-scenes images allow for fans to predict what might happen next on the show. In a new photo, Jim Parsons shows a glimpse into life between takes.

TBBT Set | Photo Credit Jim Parsons

“Back at it,” writes Jim Parsons. In his newest social media post, he’s taking a selfie from what looks like the University cafeteria. This allows for fans to see what’s going on from the actors’ point-of-view.

Jim Parsons isn’t smiling, but hopefully laughs are about to happen on set.

Life On Set Of TBBT With Mayim Bialik

TBBT Set | Photo Credit Mayim Bialik

Fans also got to see a photo from Mayim Bialik from the latest episode. In the selfie, Mayim Bialik and Simon Helberg pose on set. We can see this is from Amy’s lab, which took place in the episode, “The Collaboration Contamination.”

The image also shows the lights and a little behind-the-scenes magic. Here, we can see that the location is in fact on set and not shot on a location. After building this set, it’s clear that Amy’s lab will be in several future storylines.

There is a reason why stories on TBBT take place on the same locations.

Kaley Cuoco Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook | Photo Credit People

These two are the most recent photos shared on set, but we also got to take a look at photos before episodes were aired this season. Penny-actress Kaley Cuoco shared some images that helped fans guess what might happen in the premiere.

In one image, Kaley Cuoco showed off her pink script for the Season 11 premiere. Now, we know the episode was called “The Proposal Proposal,” but fans got to take a guess at this episode title because Cuoco only covered a portion of the name.

In other images, we’ve seen that Kaley Cuoco has brought boyfriend Karl Cook to set. What’s surprising about these images, is not only did she used to date Johnny Galecki, but Jim Parsons actually lets Cook sit in Sheldon’s spot!

Which is your favorite TBBT behind-the-scenes photo?