Jim Parson’s new show on the rise — royal comedy related?


Jim Parson’s new show has royal chaos. I’m game.

jim parson's new show
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While there’s nothing to provide a remedy for the “what about Season 11” Big Bang Theory questions yet, we might have something else to look forward to. Jim Parson’s new show could be a creative remedy in this cold front of The Big Bang Theory news.

He’s bewildered audiences as Sheldon Cooper for years. Over time we’ve come to love whatever complex science-driven analysis he applies to every situation. But now our favorite actor might be playing a different role in the days to come.

While still in early script form, Jim’s working with Freeform on a show called The Monarchy is Going to Sh*t. Oh my. A title like that will get grandma blushing, but there’s more to it than shocking names.

Where are we going?

The staple behind the idea is it will take place in the Monarchy of Andova. Motivated by political drama (as if we didn’t have enough already), the central plot focuses on the actual ruler of Andova. This ruler is found to have an illegitimate son, who would take place as king.

But, the King of Andova also has a daughter, who was supposed to take the throne herself. Imaginably, this whole “son out of nowhere” thing creates some royal tension.

Jim Parson’s new show is being written by Amy Reed, an executive co-producer along with himself and Todd Spiewak. They’re optimistic about the comedy, but it has plenty of hurdles to overcome.

Lucky number 3.

If we hope to see Jim’s brainchild make it to TV and tablet screens, a few things have to be worked out. For one, the unknown of The Big Bang Theory’s season 11 is a game changer. Secondly, if it’s renewed, Jim might not have as much time to work on the writing.

Then, there’s been a rumor of CBS giving Jim his spinoff as Sheldon Cooper. If all 3 of these things are true, he might have to pick his favorites. Drawn between three different shows is challenging for anyone. So it’s all guesswork how things will go from here.

I’ll be on sentry lookout.

Then again, if Jim was confident enough to take this idea with a possibility of working on other shows, he might be able to handle it. Whether or not the writing suffers from a strained mind can only be viewed in execution.

For now, we’ll have to wait for more information, since the idea is in pretty early phase. Other projects Jim has in the works include Brother Orange and Hidden Figures. So, it could be a while before we hear anything else on Jim Parson’s new show.

Color me intrigued, your highness.