Jim Parsons Just Suffered A Major Injury- And It’s Taking Him Out Of Work!


Jim Parsons is currently appearing on Broadway in The Boys In The Band. However, an unfortunate fracture in his foot has taken him out of this week’s shows. How bad is the injury and will it affect Big Bang Theory in the future?

Jim Parsons’ Injury

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Playbill reported earlier this week that Jim Parsons will be out of The Boys In The Band due to a fracture in his foot. The show released a statement that reads, “Jim Parsons was injured at the Saturday matinee and sustained a fracture in his foot. He’s working with his doctor to ensure a quick recovery and is expected to return to the show as soon as possible this week. Please check BoysintheBand.com for updated information.”

That doesn’t sound too terrible- although a fracture can be serious business. Hopefully, Jim doesn’t return to work too soon. Walking on an unhealed injury can cause a whole multitude of problems. We have Season 12 to think about after all.

Not the First Big Bang Theory Injury

This isn’t the first time a Big Bang Theory star has suffered a broken bone. Back in 2010, Kaley Cuoco fractured her leg. Kaley told Ellen, “I ride horses… and I had a freak accident. It actually, it was the end of my lesson. I had been jumping all day, it was great… we jump pretty high.” 

Kaley explained that her horse spooked, and she fell off. At the moment, Kaley wasn’t hurt and actually laughed at the situation. However, her horse tried to get away, lept, and landed right on her leg. Kaley said, “I thought he landed on leaves, and I was hoping it was leaves he landed don that I was hearing, but it was my bones.” She said she didn’t feel the pain at the moment but it quickly came on.

Penny Became a Bartender

When Kaley broke her leg back in the first seasons of Big Bang, the writers decided not to give Penny a similar fate. Instead, they wrote in Penny’s big career shift. Penny became a bartender at the Cheesecake Factory instead of a waitress. This allowed Kaley to stand and her cast to be covered by the bar. 

Penny being a bartender was a key part of The Big Bang for a while. Who knows what other plots would have come about had Kaley not broken her leg in real life.

We bet that Jim’s injury won’t affect Big Bang as much. However, we’re glad it came about before the season finale was filmed.

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