Jim Parson’s Incredible Acting Career


Jim Parson does a few things outside his super nerdy character.

jim parsons
Credit: http://thelaughbutton.com/

Forever will the phrase ‘bazinga’ cement itself in television history. We can thank Jim Parsons, the actor portraying the much beloved Sheldon Cooper. While Jim is primarily known for the latter, he has a colorful acting history too.

Last week we looked at Kunal Nayyar, and this week we wanted to talk about Jim Parsons and the roles he’s been in. Some might surprise you.

The extensive history.

Jim’s career goes way, way back. In fact, his entry into the acting world started in the early 90’s. Practically speaking, it’s not possible to credit all his performances. But there were a lot.

Primarily Jim started in traditional theater, the hallmark of a great performer, and he still performs theater today. His first major performance was The Balcony.

Onto the silver screen.

Audiences wouldn’t see Jim on the big screen or box at home until the new millennium. He first found television credit by appearing on Ed in 2002. As for the film, his very first was a lesser known French film Happy End.

Of course, even with these appearances, Jim wouldn’t be widely recognized. Not for several years. He would continue to make cameos and act in small roles in movies over the decade, from the 2011 Muppets movie to a WIP film Hidden Figures.

Enter stage…television.

Of course, TV was where things started to work for Jim. From hosting Saturday Night Live to voicing a gag in Family Guy, Jim’s been all over the place.

But, as most know him, his breakout role was and still is Sheldon Cooper. Once 2007 arrived, and Jim hopped on board, The Big Bang Theory would cement him as a television legacy. Indeed, the show’s continued success will make him a recognizable figure for decades.

Awards and then some.

But show appearances aren’t his only claim to fame. He also has literal fame. Jim has won countless awards from his acting career, including Emmy’s, People’s Choice, and Critic’s Awards. It’s one thing to have a long cinematic history, it’s another to be recognized for it.

The best part is, Jim still has plenty to offer. Numerous creative projects are rumored to have his name attached, including The Monarchy is going to Sh*t! Depending on how those go, we might see him headlining in even more of his shows.

Jim dazzles us with his long background and considerable talents. He’ll be a joy to watch in the entertainment future to come.