Discover Jim Parsons’ Favorite Thing About Playing Sheldon Cooper


Jim Parsons is a sweet, empathetic, and wonderful person. That’s why it’s so surprising that he loves Sheldon Cooper’s blunt personality. Here’s what he said about playing everyone’s favorite Big Bang Theory character.

Jim Parsons On Sheldon Cooper

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As we’ve gotten to know Jim Parsons over the years, through interviews and his different projects, we’ve seen a sweet, empathetic, and compassionate man. He cares about the world, politics, and his cast mates a great deal. That’s why it’s so hard to believe that his favorite part of playing Sheldon Cooper is the character’s aversion to sentimentality. 

Jim told Variety, “In a very specific way, one of my very favorite things about this character is his sort of lack of sentimentality. I don’t mean to sound unromantic or unsympathetic, but I cannot stand sentimentality, and I feel very lucky to be playing a character that, nine times out of ten, when something sentimental is happening in a script, I get to be the one to burst that bubble.” Sounds like in real life Jim wishes he could say what Sheldon always does. He added, “And that gives me such great pleasure, I cannot tell you.”

It’s hard to believe that Jim likes to spit in the punch. However, we understand what it feels like to want to stay away from overly gushy moments.

He Was Hooked Right Away

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Jim also admitted that Sheldon hooked him right away. After reading the Pilot script, he immediately connected with the character. He said, “And I guess in a general way it relates to the thing that I loved about him from the moment I read the pilot, and for nine years now, which is just enough level of cluelessness to get away with saying some of the most outlandish and inappropriate things.”

Jim loves situational humor. Lucky for him, that happens to be his character’s best strength. Jim said, “one of my favorite types of humor is people not understanding the situation and plunging forward in it.”

Are you a bit like Jim Parsons? Would you enjoy the opportunity to say inappropriate things from time to time?