The Special Technique Jim Parsons Used To Spank Mayim Bialik


Perhaps one of the most infamous scenes on The Big Bang Theory included Jim Parsons spanking Mayim Bialik. Jim Parsons has admitted the moment was quite spontaneous. However, the action did take a certain level of technique.

Jim Parsons Talks Spanking

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We all remember the infamous The Big Bang Theory scene where Sheldon spanks Amy. Amy is desperate for absolutely any physical touch from Sheldon she can get and dutifully accepts a spanking as a punishment for pretending to be sick.

It turns out that initially, the writers didn’t want this moment to happen on camera. They had written the spank into the script. However, it would just be a noise that viewers heard.

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Jim Parsons explained that he hadn’t had enough time to rehearse the spank. By the time he was told he’d have to do it on camera, he hadn’t thought of what to do with his facial expressions. He said, “The night of the taping, we get to that final scene. And they start saying, it’s going to be on camera… I can’t tell you how hard it was… Once the camera was on me and I realize I haven’t worked at all on what my face… or the rest of my… I don’t know how to handle myself during this.”

Mayim The Good Sport

Jim admits he kept breaking character, causing the need to take multiple takes. He said, “I kept laughing, which is kind of rare for me.”

It wasn’t until a ways in that he realized Mayim might not be so keen on being spanked over and over. He joked, “She is bent over me on this couch, take after take being whooped… It was several takes in before you go ‘she’s a person!'”

He also said, “She never showed me her bare ass cheek. I don’t know if there was a bruise or not, but she assured me that she was fine.”

Finally, he shared his special spank technique. He even demoed on James Corden for the crowd. His tips? You want to make sure you get the full hand on there. 

We love how seriously Jim Parsons takes his acting, even when it involves ridiculous things like spanking Mayim Bialik over and over.