Jim Parson Reveals The Truth About That “Sexual” Amy And Sheldon Scene…


Actor Jim Parsons Turned Down Bikini Idea…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Now and then, the writers on The Big Bang Theory will ask an actor to do something unusual. Despite not being “mean,” they do have some big requests. Once, they asked Jim Parsons to dress in the Princess Leia bikini.

“We talked it down, and I got a French Maid’s uniform instead,” said Jim Parsons. This was the episode where Sheldon was trying to make friends with Stephen Hawking. Sheldon would do anything for this friendship. 

There’s one other unusual thing they asked him to do as well.

Sheldon Cooper Punishes Amy (And Andy)

The day before rehearsal, the gang gets a script and finds out what’s next on the show. In one scene, Jim Parsons found out that he had to spank his co-star, Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy on the show.

“She wants physical attention from Sheldon that he’s not giving, so she has to loop him into ways to give it to her,” he said. In the episode, Amy has been sick for some time, and Sheldon has been nursing her back to health.

However, she eventually fakes sick to keep up the charade.

Changes Upon The Night Of The Shoot

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Conan

Because she behaved badly, Sheldon figured she must be punished. Originally, the scene was supposed to be shot off camera. There was supposed to be noise, and then you would hear Amy say something like, “Oh my…”

However, the night of the taping, they decided it was going to be on camera. Jim Parsons said he was fine with it. However, he was used to making a noise, but it was much different because the camera was now on his face.

Jim Parsons said he kept laughing and he couldn’t hold it together. He was getting angry with himself because he couldn’t stop laughing. Parsons said that the important thing is the noise.

The actor then started to cup and spank Conan’s co-host Andy Richter. The fans were hysterical, but everyone on stage kept a straight face.

Do you remember Sheldon Cooper spanking Amy for her mistake?