Jim Parsons Shares Experience On Shooting New Sundance Film, ‘A Kid Like Jake’


Actor Jim Parsons lived another “dream come true” when he got the chance to premiere a film at the Sundance Film Festival. The iconic festival, which began thanks to Robert Redford, seems to get bigger and bigger every year.

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Mateen Mag

The actor produced and stars in a film called, A Kid Like Jake. And, the new film also stars Claire Danes (Homeland), Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures), and Priyanka Chopra (Baywatch). The film was directed bi Silas Howard and written by Daniel Perle.

CBS star Jim Parsons was thrilled to get the movie at Sundance.

Jim Parsons Talks About His Sundance Hit

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Daily Mail

“So many movies you watched growing up had their first premiere at Sundance, they were found at Sundance,” said Jim Parsons on Extra. “I remember distinctly the first time I ever watched Sex, Lies, and Videotape, which really was a major relationship between this festival and that…”

“It seems impossible in so many ways, even though you see it happening… In that regard, I have been really shocked to be here at some level, but it’s really, special,” said the actor about his stage play turned film.

As of now, the official release is set to be someone in May of 2018.

How To Deal With ‘A Kid Like Jake…’

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Mateen Mag

The new film focuses on a 4-year-old boy about to enter kindergarten. And Parsons and Danes play the parents who are trying to figure out where to send their son in the competitive new market.

Since their little boy prefers Cinderella to G.I. Joe, they can’t seem to make an agreement decision about their scenario. Essentially, the film is about a couple trying to decide what’s best for their child. Clearly, the choice is a difficult decision. 

“In so many ways this could be about anything,” confirmed Jim Parsons. “It’s really just about these two parents trying to raise their child and do right by them.” So far, this film hasn’t affected his performance as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.

However, when asked about an upcoming farewell season, Parsons could only reply: “I don’t know… We are on 11, we are all sign on through 12.”

So, are you looking forward to this new film from producer / star Jim Parsons?