Watch Jim Parsons Shut Down One Of The Biggest Fan Theories Going Around…


Jim Parsons On The Late Late Show

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Jim Parsons recently visited The Late Late Show with James Corden. Things got interesting when he reacted to a few TBBT fan theories that James had found on Reddit. Most of them he didn’t agree with. However, there was one that he says might just be true…

Jim Parsons Fan Theories

Jim Parsons made an extra clip for the show back stage. He said, “Hi I’m Jim Parsons…and right now I’m going to de-bunk, or maybe say ‘yay!’ to some fan theories about The Big Bang Theory.

The first theory was that Sheldon is actually Spock in disguise. The reddit user sited that Sheldon sometimes hears Spock’s voice, and perhaps that could actually be his inner monologue. They also noted that both characters are emotionless, and love outer space. However, Jim Parsons wasn’t buying it. He said, “That certainly can’t be God’s intent…God being the writer in this case.” He went on to explain that he understands where the user is coming from, but that he definitely isn’t thinking about that when he acts. “I could see how you could make that work…for you…” Parsons said tongue in cheek. He finished with, “I can’t play that; That’s unplayable.”

Bernadette Is A Cyborg

The next fan theory that The Late Late show found was that Bernadette is a cyborg created by Howard. The theory noted that Howard is a world class engineer who could easily be capable of creating a partner. They also pointed out that Bernadette is eerily resembles Howard’s mother, and that most women don’t like Howard.

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Jim Parsons admitted, “number one I’ve never really known what a cyborg is, but I believe it’s some sort of AI…flesh?” He also said, “Don’t we all wake up even in the best relationships; eight years in, ten years in, and go ‘Oh God, I married my mother’ ?” He said in that way, yes Howard has formed Bernadette to be like his mother. However in a literal way Jim Parsons de-bunked this TBBT fan theory; Bernadette is not a cyborg.

Sheldon Is Barnie In Another Dimension

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This theory took the cake. The reddit user claimed that Sheldon is actually Barnie from How I Met Your Mother in an opposite dimension. Parsons had to admit…this does make sense. The two characters are complete opposites. Barnie loves women, sex, and partying. Sheldon doesn’t understand the draw to any of those things. They really are the exact opposite on a crazy level. 

Parsons gave some insight into this theory; “The funny thing about this is that I auditioned to play Barnie, and thought that I was very wrong for it.” He actually was up for the role, and didn’t understand why. He said, “I find it fascinated that I have that loose-ish connection to that part, and maybe you’ve got this theory…which is not true.” He admitted that perhaps he is giving that vibe off and that deep down Sheldon does have a womanizing side to him. He went so far as to say, “This one I think is as close to the truth as one’s going to get.”

Do you believe these TBBT fan theories?


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