Jim Parsons’ Best Interview Moments- All In One Place


Jim Parsons is a veteran interviewer. He’s had 11 years of media coverage for The Big Bang Theory and over the years he has just gotten better. Here are our top 5 best interview moments from Jim Parsons though the years.

Jim Talks About His Marriage

Stephen Colbert always brings out the best of Jim Parsons and we loved this clip where Jim talked all about Young Sheldon and his own personal wedding.

First of all, he spoke so well about Iain Armitage. He clearly loves working with Iain, the star of Young Sheldon, and his description of Iain basically makes us want to be best friends with the nine-year-old. However, what we really love about this interview is how romantic Jim gets when talking about his husband. Jim married Todd Spiewak last year and his description of the experience made us sigh. 

Jim stated, “I didn’t really think…we just didn’t care about the act of it that much to be honest with you…But I finally thought let’s have a party then…But it was so much more meaningful in the moment to me than I predicted, and it’ been resonantly more meaningful to me afterward then I ever saw coming.” If we were Todd we’d definitely be swooning.

Jim Parsons Says it’s Never Too Late

Jim is usually promoting Big Bang Theory, but in this particular interview he was at Stephen Colbert’s show to talk about his appearance in the Broadway production, The Boys In The Band. The show follows a group of men in the 1980’s and promises to shine a light on what has and hasn’t changed for LGBTQ individuals since then.

Jim is always so charmingly honest. We never get that standard Hollywood “know it all” vibe from him. In the interview, he even admits he doesn’t fully understand his own play’s title reference. He said, “First off, The Boys In The Band, is I think a reference to a line in the Judy Garland film where a guy says to her ‘don’t be nervous, just go in there and sing like you did for the boys in the band.’ I don’t really understand this so… there’s that.” You have to love that honesty.

What we love even more is what Jim said about representation in film. He stated, “To be in a room filled with nothing but 8 other gay actors it was different immediately…it was its own language, and was its own way of being that we all immediately fell into with each other and I don’t know what that is…I think that’s why it’s really fun to do this right now…Two steps forward one steps back is how a lot of progress goes.” He’s proud to be a part of a show that has so many unique individuals a part of it.

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