Jim Parsons’ Ridiculous Self-Assessment Will Drop Your Jaw


In an interview with Chelsea Handler, Jim Parsons admitted he’s sad he never tapped into his psychic talents. He believes if he’d trained himself, he might have been able to speak with other dimensions.

Jim Parsons The Psychic

Jim Parsons has many interesting layers. He recently told Chelsea Handler that he’s always believed he and his mother had psychic capabilities.

The entire discussion began when Jim Parsons brought up Tyler the medium. Tyler Henry has his own show on the E! network. He speaks with celebrities and relays messages from their lost loved ones. He describes himself as a clairvoyant medium. Jim Parsons says he enjoys the star’s book and is intrigued by his capabilities.

Jim also expressed, “It’s fun. I am regretful that I didn’t try to train that side of myself. Me and my mother always had lots of dreams where we predicted things.” Sadly, Jim admitted that most his predictions were about sad events or deaths. He added, “it’s torture.”

Jim also addressed naysayers who don’t believe mediums are real. He said, “I think things like this can be true I’m sure there are plenty of charlatans out there. But you do, you feel in touch in a certain way with things. and you think ‘Why couldn’t someone have ten times my evolution in that?'” Jim also joked with Chelsea, saying “I smell a new show for us.”

Jim and Chelsea’s Smelly Past

Jim Parsons and Chelsea Handler share a unique bond. We love seeing Jim on her show. However, this time we learned something very personal about Chelsea. While eating dinner at Chelsea’s house, Jim learned that Chelsea was experiencing diarrhea. To his surprise, she felt the need to announce her situation to the entire room. Jim joked that when Chelsea came back from the bathroom she smelled great. He said, “now I know she sprayed herself with something.”

Talk about a close relationship. Chelsea and Jim seem to have no boundaries. Perhaps that’s why her interviews of the The Big Bang Theory star are so interesting. We always learn something new about our favorite actor. Do you think Jim Parsons would make a great medium? Do you love seeing him on Chelsea Handler’s show?