Jim Parsons’ Expectations For The Young Sheldon Series Were Destroyed


Jim Parsons recently admitted the current plot for Young Sheldon isn’t quite what he expected. He anticipates big problems for Sheldon as the series goes on. He even noted that Sheldon will have to get more irritating.

Jim Parsons Is Not A Writer

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Jim Parsons recently admitted that there’s a good reason he’s not a writer. After playing Sheldon Cooper for so many years, he’s thought to be the most insightful when it comes to Sheldon’s inner workings and life. However, it seems the writers saw Sheldon growing in a totally different direction than Jim.

Being a superb actor, Jim has created back stories about Sheldon for many years. Now he’s admitting that those stories aren’t exactly matching up to Young Sheldon. However, he thinks Young Sheldon is doing a superb job and is surprising him time and time again. He said, “What’s interesting to me is, and why I’m not a writer, is because I don’t see things like what they’ve touched on, how we’re seeing young Sheldon evolve into who we know him to be on the adult show.”

Jim also believes that more will need to happen in Sheldon’s life to create the man we see on The Big Bang Theory. He explained, “I made a joke with Ian [Armitage], “Eventually you’ll get to be more irritating.” I said it today to him. But really it is the truth. It’s like, we’re going to see the slings and arrows of life, and him growing into even more of the person I’m playing. It’s interesting.

He’s Not Merging The Two Projects

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Jim also admitted that he isn’t using Young Sheldon as a tool to perform as older Sheldon on TBBT. He said, ” It could just still be a matter of moving and growing and doing more episodes. At this point, if it has been anything that’s informed me it has been on a more subconscious level, I would say. So not consciously, no.”

This was surprising to fans, who assumed that Jim Parsons had a say in exactly which way Iain Armitage’s character would go. Do you think Young Sheldon is nailing Sheldon’s life so far?