The Talented Person Who Made The Big Bang Theory So Successful


Mayim Bialik has proven to be a secret weapon on The Big Bang Theory. Her entrance to the show in Season 3 proved to be a turning point for the series’ popularity. Now Jim Parsons is admitting he’s incredibly thankful Sheldon has a romantic interest.

Jim Parsons Is Thankful For Mayim Bialik

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Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik get along great. They have obvious chemistry in front of the camera and they genuinely enjoy working with each other.

When Amy entered the picture during Season 3 of The Big Bang Theory, the writers and actors were worried she wouldn’t be well received. Up until that point, Sheldon had served as an almost asexual character. The TBBT team wasn’t sure if getting him romantically involved was a good idea. However, they now realize it was a crucial step in The Big Bang Theory‘s success.

When asked if Sheldon needed Amy to come along, Jim Parsons admitted, “I’ll be honest, as an actor, I really thank God for it, because it’s one of the fences that they straddle so well as writers, is keeping everything true enough to keep the audience there, but moving it along enough to keep everybody working on it interested, I think, including themselves. You know? It’s a major gift. And the longer we’ve gone on our show, the more evident that’s become.”

Sheldon Has Evolved

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Jim also noted that Amy has been huge in helping Sheldon become a better person. He referred to Season 11, Episode 15 when he said, “We’ve had several different episodes, it feels like, where Amy’s coaching him in the ways of being empathetic. We’re working on an episode right now, where he realizes that she doesn’t do certain things that she wants to do because she knows how he’ll react to it. And he doesn’t like it. He starts trying to work on not complaining about what she wants — and it lasts for a couple of pages.”

Do you think that Mayim Bialik’s character, Amy has been instrumental in The Big Bang Theory‘s success? Jim Parsons certainly can’t imagine the show without her.