It Looks Like There Was A Competition Going On In The Latest Big Bang Episode For…


This season on The Big Bang Theory, the cast has been experiencing some similar characteristics. In “The Collaboration Contamination,” most of the characters turn jealous after Howard and Amy start working together.

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When Howard suggests to help out Amy, she invites him to help her with a project. This means that Sheldon Cooper doesn’t have a fiancé to come home to and Raj can’t hang out with his best friend.

Ironically, Bernadette just wants some peace and quiet, but also doesn’t get it.

Jealousy In “The Collaboration Contamination”

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Raj is always a jealous character on The Big Bang Theory. At the beginning of “The Collaboration Contamination,” he makes it clear that he does more for Howard than Bernadette.

But, when Amy also seeks Howard’s attention, it’s too much for Raj. Now, not only is he alone, but he’s got no friends to hang out with. Most of the episode is Raj showing up at places, uninvited and then disappointed.

Surprisingly, Sheldon Cooper is also jealous this episode.

Sheldon Cooper Misses His Lady…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

During Howard and Amy’s first day of work, Sheldon can’t take it. He comes home, but Amy is still working with Howard. This upsets him and makes him head over to Leonard and Penny’s place, where he annoys them as well.

After an annoying ride to work with Leonard, he finds himself with Bernadette. By this point, she’s got rid of Raj, but now Sheldon is bothering her. Luckily, she comes up with a plan to get some use out of Sheldon.

Bernadette uses some tactics from Tom Sawyer to trick Sheldon into doing Howard’s chores. Not only does she get to finish her work, but she can also put up her feet and take a break.

In the end, however, Sheldon never really gets over the fact that he’s not spending time with Amy. Hopefully, this will make him realize that he needs to treat her a little better. He tries with an unusual gift, but he’s still learning to be a husband.

Do you think Raj is more jealous than Sheldon Cooper?