A Mystical New Actor Is Coming To Young Sheldon


Jason Alexander, best known as the beloved George Costanza, will be coming to the Young Sheldon set. Alexander will play a teacher from Sheldon’s past. Here’s what we know so far about the Seinfeld takeover.

Jason Alexander Comes To Young Sheldon

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Before there was The Big Bang Theory, and before there was Young Sheldon, and even before Friends, there was Seinfeld. Jason Alexander turned comedy heads along with Jerry Seinfeld in the namesake show. Jason was nominated for an Emmy six times as George. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe four times. Talk about an influential actor.

Now, Alexander is bringing his talents back to the small screen. Audiences are sure to love what he brings to the Young Sheldon cast. Sources say he will play a drama teacher from the high school Sheldon Cooper attends. 

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Alexander will appear as Mr. Lundy in the 16th episode of Young Sheldon this season. He will bring Sheldon into the drama program. We can only imagine the hilarious things that will go on. Sheldon is quite a dramatic boy. However, acting requires a certain level of imagination and bending of the truth. Those are things Sheldon doesn’t necessarily love. We can definitely see how a conflict could build out of this story.

Perhaps Mr. Lundy’s influence is what inspired Sheldon to create such dramatic work such as Fun With Flags. You never know when there will be a TBBT tie-in. Mr. Lundy has never been mentioned in the regular series, so it’s unclear how far his influence was in Sheldon’s life.

Young Sheldon Doing Well

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Being able to bring in such a well-known guest-star means that Young Sheldon is doing well. The show is currently the second watched show on television, right behind The Big Bang Theory. 17.2 million viewers turned in for its initial premiere, leading the network to believe they had gold on their hands. Young Sheldon gives TBBT fans hope that they’ll be able to see Sheldon on their TV for many years to come.

Are you excited to see Jason Alexander as a high school drama teacher on Young Sheldon?