Jack Mcbrayer Does a Yahoo Interview about His Role on the Big Bang Theory

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-21

30 Rock alum Jack McBrayer is current playing Randall, Penny’s brother in the Big Bang Theory universe. Randall has been mentioned throughout the series for his various criminal exploits. Most notably being a meth cooker.

When asked during a Yahoo interview if McBrayer was a fan of the show, he mentions that the Big Bang Theory is one of those shows that is always on. So, everyone has seen it:

“Well, whenever I can. It’s one of those, what’s the word, ubiquitous shows. It’s just on all the time. on airplanes and everything like that. For me, being on the show was very special, because I also knew most of the cast already, and they are super fun.”

There was a second part to that question and the interviewer asked him if that helped with his portrayal of Randal:

“I think it might have come more from the producers. [Showrunner] Steve Molaro was very instrumental in getting me on the show, but even through that, there were a lot of mutual friends and mutual work acquaintances. I think probably it came more from the producers. With that being said, I would like to think that the cast might be able to vouch for me. [Laughs] If not, I will be having conversations with them.”

McBrayer then was questioned about Randal’s backstory:

“They told me enough to know that the character was a drug dealer. but then I was like, “Oh, so how do y’all want me to say this?” The producer just said, “As sweet as you normally do.” I’m like, “Oh, OK! This is easy.” I will tell you what. it was a fun job. I didn’t have too much experience doing a multicamera sitcom like that. 30 Rock, which I loved and which definitely changed my life, because it’s a single-camera comedy, it’s done much differently. So, just the whole experience of being in front of a live studio audience and getting new jokes on the fly, it was really fun and quite invigorating.”

Credit: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/
Credit: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/

Will Jack be making more appearances on the Big Bang Theory as Randall?

“Oh, hell yes, lady! It was so fun, and they were very straightforward from the beginning. Because we did have so many guest stars [in the premiere], the challenge for the writers was to make sure everyone got a moment to be seen. I think they were very successful with that. I knew going in, just make my appearance and be a good guest and maybe later on down the line Randall can come back to visit. They were such gracious hosts, I would like to be a gracious guest.”

Jack McBrayer is a great comedic actor. I’m sure fans of the Big Bang Theory are looking forward to seeing more of him as Penny’s meth dealing older brother. What did you think of Jack Brayer’s performance as Randall? Did you like it? Did you wish they had cast someone else? Tell us in the comments below.

Information for this article was taken from: https://www.yahoo.com/

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