Is It True?! There Will Be A 13th Season Of Big Bang Theory?!


We about spit out our coffee when we heard the news- There’s hope for a 13th season of The Big Bang Theory. The entertainment president of CBS just hinted at it- here’s what we know.

There May Be A Season 13 of The Big Bang Theory

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Most Big Bang Theory fans have been cherishing each moment of what we thought we there final two seasons of Big Bang. All roads pointed to TBBT ending after the 12th season. Last year, news coverage harped on the fact that the actors have signed on for two more years, but had demanded pay raises and expected this to be their last.

However, it seems now there may be hope that we can continue to watch Sheldon, Amy, Penny, Leonard, Raj, Bernadette, Howard, and Stuart for many more years to come.

Apparently, CBS has taken notice of the show’s record-breaking viewership and they’re not looking to slow it down so soon. At this year’s CBS upfront breakfast, Kelly Kahl spoke. Kahl is the president of entertainment at CBS- and if there was one person to ask about TBBT’s ending- it’s her. She stated, “we are hopeful that there will be more seasons of Big Bang beyond the upcoming 12th… As long as Chuck and his team have stories to tell, we will take the show for as long as they want to go.” She added, “We can take a few more seasons.”

Talk about the best news ever. Though it’s not an official confirmation, it gives us so much hope. Of course, actors would have to renegotiate their salaries and contracts- but hopefully, they would want to keep a good thing going.

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