Jim Parsons And Ian Armitage Agree That THIS Is The Biggest Challenge Of Playing ‘Sheldon Cooper’


While visiting the set of Young Sheldon, fans and critics alike will notice a powerful synergy between Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage. Both actors play character Sheldon Cooper every week, which is the glue that holds the bond.

Jim Parsons Iain Armitage | Photo Credit Instagram

“He’s not exactly hard to play,” said young actor Iain Armitage. “But he isn’t easy either. I have to think differently because he is this incredibly smart kid and I’m not. This guy helps with a lot of it,” he said about Parsons.

Both actors feel the character is smarter than they are, but they’ve arguably mastered the role.

Iain Armitage Talks About Jim Parsons’ Character

Jim Parsons Iain Armitage | Photo Credit Instagram

“Thank you,” said Jim Parsons about the kind words. “But you nailed it on the head. It’s not that it’s difficult to play – it’s interesting. It has challenges, but they’re really fun,” added the veteran Sheldon Cooper.

Iain Armitage added, “It’s kind of like going through a maze that you know how to get to the end, but it all kind of looks the same so you still have to navigate it even though you know what you’re doing.”

More importantly, co-creator of both shows, Chuck Lorre, revealed, “We didn’t want to just do ‘Little Sheldon.’ He’s a work in progress. He’s 9-years-old. We want to go slowly and enjoy the ride.”

Armitage Considers Real-Life Sheldon As Friend

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

On one panel, Ian Armitage was asked if he thought he could be friends with his character in real life. After a short pause, the actor responded, “Not exactly a buddy – that’s not the term I would use. He would be a very interesting friend. But I can see myself being with him.”

While there’s never going to be any time travel on the show to reveal The Big Bang Theory characters on Young Sheldon, there will be some characters on the new series that end up in Sheldon’s life later.

So far, we’ve already seen Sheldon’s mom, his grandmother, and his sister. When the wedding happens in Season 11, it’s possible we’ll get to see Sheldon Cooper’s brother Georgie as well (he’s been referenced as potential best man).

As Big Bang fans know, Sheldon’s father passed away, so that’s something the new series may tackle one day.

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