Howard’s Vibrant Fashion Sense

Howard shows off his outfit by
Howard shows off his outfit by

Fashion Trend Setter?

There are many important subliminal messages on The Big Bang Theory.  Each character is very distinct.  One very important and defining aspect is the characters’ fashion choices.  We experience Amy wearing her frumpy, conservative clothes, Sheldon sporting his favorite superhero t-shirts, Penny in her fashionable wear, and Wolowitz, perhaps the most attention-grabbing of all, in his bright, tight pants.

On the surface, we get a very vibrant and self-aware view of The Big Bang Theory character Howard Wolowitz. If you had to name any of the fellow nerds who would take time in the morning to carefully plan out an outfit, Howard would probably be your first guess.  It’s typical of him to wear bright, tight twill pants, a dicky turtleneck or a button up, Vans shoes, and, most importantly, his large belt buckles. 

While Wolowitz’s fashion certainly is a statement, his belt buckles are even more so.  Each outfit appears to have been selected specifically to wear with the belt buckle of the day.  Here are a few examples:

Pac Man by
Pac Man by

The Pac-Man buckle was seen on The Hot Troll Deviation (S. 4 Ep. 4)

This belt buckle can be bought for around $18.00 online if you can find a site that sells it!  Howard likes to wear it sporting a contrasting color such as red to draw attention to it.

Superman belt buckle worn by Howard by
Superman belt buckle worn by Howard by

The Superman belt buckle is seen on The Fuzzy Boots Corollary (S. 1 Ep. 3), The Grasshopper Experiment (S. 1, Ep. 8), and The Tangerine Factor (S. 1, Ep. 17).

The Superman belt is one of the largest and most recurring ones on the series.  Fans can find this one at Wal-Mart for $14.95.

The guys wait outside Penny's door in The Jerusalem Duality by
The guys wait outside Penny’s door in The Jerusalem Duality by

Batman belt buckle seen on The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization (S. 1, Ep. 9), The Grasshopper Experiment (S. 1, Ep. 8), and The Jerusalem Duality (S. 1, Ep. 12)

He favors sporting the belt with the color purple to complement the silver.  I have yet to see the exact replica on sale anywhere, however, there are black ones on sale for a decent price.

Howard sports his Nintendo controller by
Howard sports his Nintendo controller by

The Nintendo Controller buckle seen on The Euclid Alternative (S. 2, Ep. 5)

This belt buckle is perhaps one of the most difficult to make out when you see it in the episodes.  However, video game fans can buy it for $14.95 or less online.





What is Your Favorite Character Fashion Trend in the Big Bang Theory?

From Howard’s quirky and colorful wardrobe, to Penny’s endless collection of shoes, there are many different trends to choose from.  Which is your favorite?