Here’s Why Howard Was So Upset When He Found Out The Gender Of…


Howard And Bernie Gender Reveal

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“It feels like it wasn’t that long ago we were here doing this for Halley,” said Howard in the cold open to The Big Bang Theory. “Cause it wasn’t,” replied Bernadette, with a little bit of fire in her voice.

Howard and Bernadette were relieved to have a baby girl, but they get different news this time. When the duo find out that their second child is going to be a little boy, both seem a little overwhelmed.

Bernie is worried about not having hand-me-downs. But Howard’s concerns are more personal.

Howard Worried He Can’t Raise A Man

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“I barely know how to be a man myself. Now I’ll have to teach him how to play sports. And, watch sports. And, and, and…” trailed off Howard. Primarily, he’s worried he can’t raise a man.

Throughout the episode, we’re reminded that Howard’s father wasn’t around. Due to his father’s absence, however, he started building rockets. Essentially, his weaknesses became his strengths later in life.

Surprisingly, Sheldon Cooper helped Howard not to feel so worried about it all.

Sheldon Cooper To The Rescue

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Sheldon and Howard went out into the California desert with a rocket. There, they tried to launch a small rocket into the sky, but things went wrong. The rocket exploded on the launch pad while the duo continued to argue of a T-Minus sequence.

At first, Sheldon was his usual self. He tried to be comforting but ended up being more insulting. In the end, Sheldon and Howard got back into the car and headed home with their heads low.

In the car, however, Sheldon revealed that he has a driver’s license. There, on the open road, he asked if he could drive. Reluctant, Howard soon let his friend drive the car since no one was around and the road was straight.

Things got a little out of hand, which led to Sheldon getting his first ticket, but the expectant father learned that he is a good teacher, after all.

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