Does Howard Get Too “Handsy” With Amy?


“These hands were made to do three things,” said Howard, in response to Amy’s questions on coding. “Close-up magic, riding code, and the dirty shadow puppet show that got me kicked out of Hebrew school.”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Howard is working pretty closely with Amy, with infuriates Sheldon. For the most part, it’s not about Howard, but more about Sheldon being lonesome and somewhat jealous for attention.

Despite Howard’s nature, he seems to be genuine with Amy.

Howard, Amy, And Neil Sedaka

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

During their short time together, we do see Amy and Howard get closer. Since Amy is basically immune to Howard’s pervy jokes, but duo can really get down to work and even enjoy some music between long-hours.

This, of course, infuriates those around them. Both Sheldon and Raj find themselves alone and needing attention. Sheldon tries to get Amy to work with him after a long day and Raj arrives to find the duo dancing in Amy’s lab.

Howard eventually does get a little handsy, but it’s only to show off magic to Amy.

Howard And Amy Are Magical Together

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Most girls are not that into magic, but Amy Farrah Fowler is not like most girls. After he reveals her card (inside of a brain), the two listen to “Calendar Girl” by Neil Sedaka as they celebrate their new project.

Howard also manages to slip Amy out of some clothing, but it’s merely her watch. When she goes to check the time, he’s taken it and put it on the skeleton. This too, excites Amy, but more in a child-like state of wonder than anything romantic.

Above all else, the relationship is good for these two, but not so much for everyone else. After the project is finished, it’s unlikely we’ll see too much more of this new work relationship duo.

Howard is simply too busy at home with a baby, chores, and a second child on the way. As for Amy, she’s got lots of work to do and she needs to take care of Sheldon. Maybe she can use some of Penny’s new tactics to help her with her man.

What do you think of this new relationship on TBBT?