The Hidden Truth Behind Jim Parsons’ Successful Career


Jim Parsons is the picture of success. After ten years on The Big Bang Theory, Jim now makes over 27.5 million dollars a year playing Sheldon Cooper. So what does he think of all this success and how did he get here?

Jim Parsons’ Success Story

Jim Parsons didn’t jump into success at an early age. Up until The Big Bang Theory, he had appeared in a slew of commercials and small roles but nothing major. It wasn’t until later in life that Chuck Lorre called him with a life-altering opportunity. Jim said, “It has changed my life. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Jim also says that The Big Bang Theory has surpassed his wildest dreams as an actor. He said, “As far as being an actor, the dream was to get paid. And make a living being an actor. To get to do something that has… I get to sit here and talk to people like you [CBS In the Morning]. The amount of things I’ve gotten to do because of this show…”

Jim also pointed out that he probably wouldn’t have been on Broadway if it hadn’t have been for his Big Bang Theory success. He appeared in both An Act of God and The Boys In The Band since the show premiered. 

The actor also admitted it’s a joy and great time to play Sheldon Cooper. He said, “To boot I love doing the show. I thank the writers mostly, they keep that so interesting. They keep it so honest…”

His Background

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Jim Parsons recently talked about his upbringing in high school theater. The actor was ready when opportunity struck because of his rich background in academia and theater studies. Jim announced the 2018 Tommy Tune’s Awards nominees. In his speech, he said, “I felt really lucky that I got to do theater in high school, whether or not I would have done it later in life or not…It’s a great thing.” He added that study of theater teaches teenagers about life, people, and literature.

Can you believe Jim Parsons’ success? Did you study theater in high school? Can you imagine being paid nearly 27.5 million dollars a year?