Hidden Message Behind Bernadette’s Pregnancy on The Big Bang Theory


Have you deciphered a hidden message behind Bernadette’s pregnancy on The Big Bang Theory?


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There’s a hidden slant concerning the pro-life vs. pro-choice stance of the Big Bang Theory. You’ll hear it embedded in different dialogues discussing the unborn baby of Bernadette, played by Melissa Rauch. 

One thing dividing Hollywood today is the issue of abortion. Specifically, whether or not yet-to-be-born babies are considered living human beings.

Some shows have made their views concerning this sensitive matter known through dialogues or scenes in varying levels of subtleness.

What makes The Big Bang Theory different is that one of the show’s main elements is Science. Six of the seven Big Bang Theory characters are scientists; two of them are in the field of Biology.

Bernadette’s Pregnancy shows a Pro-Life Stance in Three Episodes of The Big Bang Theory


In the episode “The Big Bear Precipitation,” Howard, Raj and Bernadette heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time and became overjoyed.

“You guys made a person!” Raj tells Howard and Bernadette. Howard answered by saying, “Yes, we did.”

The “Big Bear” episode, in particular, was talked about by pro-life groups because it celebrates the personhood of an unborn child. 

In the October 27 episode titled “The Fetal Kick Catalyst,” we find another hidden hint. Howard and Bernadette are in bed when Howard puts his hand on her stomach and feels a kick.

“That’s a kick,” he exclaimed. “That’s an actual kick.”

Bernadette asks him what he’s doing, and he responds, “I felt a kick. There’s a baby in there.”

He goes on to say that he never connected the idea of pregnancy with his wife actually having a baby.

“Which M.I.T. did you go to?” she asks him.


A stronger stance could be heard in the episode titled “The Brain Bowl Incubation,” where characters Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) take their skin cells and attempt to turn them into brain cells in a petri dish. Their experiment is a success, which made Sheldon feel rather proud and parental —a comparison Bernadette did not take easily.

Sheldon: Yeah, I have to say, it is nice to share this experience with someone who’s on the same journey. Although right now ours is testing off the charts while yours is floating around in its own waste.

Bernadette: Are you actually comparing my human baby to your brain in a bowl?

Sheldon: Well, I didn’t make you waddle up four flights of stairs for the heck of it.

Bernadette: You do realize my baby has functioning organs and can recognize voices.

Sheldon: Yeah, but ours can recognize a specific data stream among background noise.

Bernadette: Mine has a fully developed immune system.

The Big Bang Theory may save lives.

The show’s humanizing of a fetus inside the womb shows a contrast to an earlier stance taken by Bernadette and her hesitancy to get pregnant because it might get in the way of her career. Some surveys actually show that one of the leading causes among women getting abortions is their busy career. 

What do you think of our favorite show’s Science-based stance on fetuses?