Wait Until You See Just How Sheldon Cooper Ruined The Meeting With His In-Laws


“What if there was something that I wanted to do, but I was worried other people would think less of me?” asked Sheldon. In this week’s episode, Sheldon Cooper is worried about his reputation at work, which reminds us of how he met his in-laws.

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When Amy comes home from work, Sheldon is staring at a rock. “You’ve never cared what people thought,” said Amy. “Even when you really, really should.”

“That dinner with my parents comes to mind,” said Amy Farrah Fowler.

Sheldon Cooper Meets “Your Momma…”

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“If I’m not going to use ‘Your Momma’ jokes when I meet your mother, why did I bother to learn them?” asked Sheldon Cooper with a straight face. Despite this, Amy continues to comfort her fiancé.

Amy makes the point that if Sheldon finds this Geology project interesting, then it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks. At this point, he seems to agree with her.

“You’re right Amy. That is sage advice, which is surprising considering that ‘Your momma is so dumb…’” said Sheldon Cooper. Luckily, she cut him off here. Sheldon added, “…she studied for a urine test.”

Getting Help With Social Situations

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This instance is just another example of how bad Sheldon can be in social situations. Things that seem commonplace for everyone else are problematic for Sheldon.

Regardless, Amy is there to be his lighthouse in the fog. In the past, this was mainly Leonard or Penny’s job. In fact, both help Sheldon a little in this episode. In the beginning, Leonard helps Sheldon understand a pun by telling him to “Stick with your gut.”

When he speaks to Penny later, she tries to give him advice but she’s unfamiliar with the subject. However, Penny was helpful in a different episode when Sheldon needed acting advice to audition for Professor Proton.

It would appear that Amy can be there for Sheldon. In this episode, he does listen to her, but it’s too late. Bert has already found someone else to partner with.

Do you think Amy is ready to help Sheldon for the rest of her life?