Here’s All You Need To Know About Johnny Galecki’s NEW Series, “Living Biblically”


Originally, the new series from Johnny Galecki was called By The Book, but now the title has been changed to Living Biblically. Basically, the executive producer is trying to create a passionate comedy without offending anyone.

The new CBS sitcom will star Jay Ferguson, Camryn Manheim, Lindsey Kraft, David Krumholtz, Ian Gomez, and Tony Rock. Patrick Walsh will also be an executive producer on the series with Johnny Galecki.

As for now, Galecki does not plan to act or guest star on the sitcom, which is scheduled to premiere on February 26, 2018.

Johnny Galecki Series Gets February Premiere CBS

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The series revolves around film critic and former Catholic Chip Curry. Chip decides to start living in complete accordance with the Bible after a friend dies. His friend’s mother actually believes her son went to Hell, which scares Chip.

Plus, his newly impregnated wife is making him rethink his old ways. So, he starts to follow the word of the Lord to the tee (something Sheldon’s mother would approve of), which means not mixing fabrics in the pilot (Leviticus 19:19).

As for rocking the boat in the near future, creator Patrick Walsh said they won’t handle issues of homosexuality in the beginning.

Tackling The Tough Debates On Network Television

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“That is very much in discussion,” said Patrick Walsh. “As far as homosexuality, that is ideally a Season 2 episode. It was discussed and discussed and we couldn’t break it. As far as the misogyny in the Bible, that is episode eight,” he clarified.

“We do tackle these issues head-on. We’re not pretending that they don’t exist. While he is a modern man living by the Bible, there are certain things that he will not be doing.”

Since Patrick Walsh and Johnny Galecki want for the series to appeal to both religious and non-religious groups, they’re going to be respectful of the 84 percent of the world aligned with one religion or another.

In the end, they wanted to make sure the show isn’t “harshly negative” or “way too churchy” so everyone can get in on the fun. The new sitcom will premiere on Monday night at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

Are you looking forward to this new show from Johnny Galecki and Patrick Walsh?