Fans Freak When They Find Out Which TBBT Star Is Joining New Show On ABC


John Ross Bowie Lands New Role

John Ross Bowie | Photo Credit No Cookie

Actor John Ross Bowie is perhaps best known for his role as Barry Kripke on The Big Bang Theory. The actor has also been in the series Children’s Hospital and in the movie The Heat, but he’s now starring alongside Minnie Driver on ABC.

The new series Speechless is getting solid reviews from critics. IMDB describes the show as, “A family with a child with special-needs is good at dealing with the challenges it faces and excellent at creating new ones.”

The series is currently in its second season with episodes every Wednesday night.

Speechless Brings Something New To ABC

It looks like the role of a lifetime for Minnie Driver, as she plays the overprotective mother with an attitude. In addition to this role, she’s known for her part in Good Will Hunting, Disney’s Tarzan, and Sleepers.

As for John Ross Bowie, the New York native is also getting a chance for a bigger role. As Barry Kripke, the character was one-dimensional. He couldn’t even really make friends with Sheldon Cooper.

Now, he’s getting to play the father to a family with problems.

Exploring New Topics On Television

Speechless | Photo Credit ABC

John Ross Bowie has 94 credits to his name, which mainly includes television shows and voice work. He began his official acting career back in 1995 but didn’t get started until the 1999-2000 time frame.

Some of John Ross Bowie first rolls include Road Trip, Upright Citizens Brigade, Joan of Arcadia, CSI: New York, Charmed, and even Arrested Development. Some of his long-term roles include Reno 911!, Retired at 35, Episodes, The Wrong Mans, and Chasing Life before he landed on The Big Bang Theory for several seasons.

As for his new show, Variety writes, “Speechless is a good example of how a willingness to explore challenging topics, when united with crisp commercial instincts and warm-hearted compassion, can produce admirable results. If it sustains the quality of its terrific pilot, Speechless is likely to emerge as the best new broadcast network comedy of the year.”

Did you recognize Barry Kripke in this trailer on ABC?