Take A Peek At Sheldon Cooper’s Hilarious View On Being Sick


Most of the time, we don’t agree with everything Sheldon Cooper says. Sure, his view on life is hilarious, but we don’t necessarily hold all of his same quirks and shenanigans. However, there is one thing we think we’d agree with Sheldon on- this flu season is the pits.

Sheldon Cooper’s View On Being Sick

Normally we are empathetic, compassionate people. We treat our loved ones with respect and understanding, no matter what the situation. We try not to yell at, or take advantage of our family and friends. However, this year’s flu season has us yelling at the TV, “Sheldon you’re right!”

In the above clip, Sheldon expresses that he believes being sick is an excuse to treat your friends poorly. He says, “You know how when you’re sick you’re allowed to be cranky, and say what you want, and other people’s feelings don’t matter?” When we first saw this clip years ago we laughed at how ridiculous it sounded. But boy oh boy, do we understand now.

This year’s flu season has been particularly brutal. It’s been reported that the vaccine given to so many was deemed more ineffective than usual. People were coming down with the flu for record numbers, and it stayed around far longer than expected. Sadly we now know of 97  pediatric deaths in the United States. This season has left us sneezing, aching, shivering, and completely understanding Sheldon. There’s nothing that makes you want to act like a complete brat quite like the flu.

Sheldon’s Remedies

However, there is one good thing about having the flu. We have absolutely no guilt whatsoever about how many The Big Bang Theory episodes we binge-watched. 10 in a row? Absolutely. An entire season in a weekend? Why not? If you’re feeling sick you might as well take advantage of the one thing you’re able to do- laugh at Sheldon Cooper and his friends.

Thankfully, reports are showing that this year’s historical flu season is coming to an end. But just in case you’re one of the unlucky people who catches the last few weeks of it- make sure you have a loving roommate to sing Soft Kitty to you every night. It worked wonders for us.