Why Jim Parsons’ Career Is Once Again Slipping Away From Comedy


Jim Parsons is set to play the lead prosecutor against Ted Bundy in the serial killer’s biopic. He stars along side Zac Effron and a handful of other well known celebs. Here are the first shots from the set.

Jim Parsons In Ted Bundy Biopic

Tense: Zac Efron took to Instagram on Friday to share a snap from a tense moment between he and Jim Parsons on set of their Ted Bundy biopic
Photo by Zac Effron via Instagram.com

Jim Parsons is once again departing from comedy. In 2016 he appeared in the space-age drama Hidden Figures and departed from small screen comedy genius, to cinematic star. 

Now Jim is set to play the lead prosecutor against Ted Bundy. His character is named Larry Simpson. He’ll star alongside Zac Effron, who is also making a departure from lovable hunk to hated the serial killer.

Now Zac Effron has released images from the set. In one picture he’s seen taunting Parons. He captioned the shot, “What’s wrong [Jim]? You don’t like the bow tie?”

Lethal Beetle! Weeks ago the 30-year-old star shared a pic behind the wheel of Ted Bundy's infamous VW Bug as he filmed serial killer biopic
Photo by dailymail.com

Zac also shared a photo of himself inside a VW bug. Ted Bundy had a nearly identical vehicle. Other stars in the film include Lilly Collins and John Malkovich. Malkovich will play the judge who finally puts Ted Bundy away, and Collins will play his infamous girlfriend, Elizabeth. Zac Effron’s transformation shocked many fans.

On The Right Side Of Things

We predict Jim Parsons is happy to be in a role where he’s on the right side of evil. His character Paul Stafford in his last film, Hidden Figures, was a bit of a villain. He told Today that he had a hard time accepting his character’s role. He said, “When I first read the script I was first shocked that I had never heard this story before, and that I had never heard of these three women before, and so I went to Wikipedia. But then it took me a few reads to kind of accept the part of my part that was a little difficult… He represents the personification of some major hurdles and some attitudes at the time.”

In Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile, Jim Parsons will be playing someone against evil. We hope this is much easier for him to accept, and we can’t wait to see the film.