Fan Favorite Guest Star Stephen Hawking


Throughout The Big Bang Theory, the characters all have their own personal heroes who make appearances in the series.  One person worshiped by Leonard, Raj, Howard, and in particular Sheldon is Stephen Hawking. 

The Silent Genius


Stephen Hawking trolling Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory by
Stephen Hawking trolling Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory by

Stephen was born in 1942 in Oxford, England.  He went on to go to Cambridge University and was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (otherwise known as ALS) at age 21.  At the time he was given no more than 5 years to live.  As many of you know, the great physicist is still alive and kicking today.  He is most famed for his work on black holes.  Throughout the years Hawking has written many lectures, books, and even has a movie released in 2014 called The Theory of Everything


Speech Through Science

If you are like me, then you probably wonder how his speech device works.  Strapped to his chair is a tablet with an ACAT interface.  On the screen is a keyboard that has a cursor that moves across the letters.  When Hawking moves his cheek, the cursor stops on a letter.  The cheek movements are picked up through a tiny switch attached to his glasses.  After he types out his thought then the information is sent to a speech synthesizer where he can communicate.

Hawking and The Big Bang

Hawking has a great sense of humor, which is displayed when we see him in his film and on television where he has cameos of himself on several different occasions.  The physicist appears in no less than 6 episodes of The Big Bang Theory: The Hawking Excitation (S. 5 Ep. 21), The Extract Obliteration (S. 6 Ep. 6), The Relationship Diremption (S. 7 Ep. 20), The Troll Manifestation (S. 8 Ep. 14), The Celebrating Experimentation (S. 9 Ep. 17), and most recently, The Geology Elevation (S. 10 Ep. 9).

Perhaps the one person in the show whom Sheldon believes can compare to his own genius, Hawking has always been an idolized figure.  Whenever the famous physicist appears on the show, he creates excitement both amongst the show’s characters and the audience of The Big Bang fans.  In episode 9, the story of Howard and Bernadette focuses around a remote-controlled Stephen Hawking that does tricks.  Howard visits all his friends and asks if the toy is offensive or not.  The end of the episode finds Hawking finding the toy amusing. 

Who is your favorite scientist in the Big Bang Theory?

Stephen Hawking is a fan favorite, but what scientist in the series is your favorite?

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