This Hilarious Scene Reveals Exactly The Kind Of Mom That Penny Will Be [WATCH]


After Sheldon Cooper learns that he got bested by Bernadette, he once again returns to Penny and Leonard to complain. For Sheldon Cooper, the fact that Howard and Amy are working together has rocked his world.

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In order to deal with Sheldon’s lost puppy phase, Penny And Leonard turn to Bernadette’s book on parenting. The first time that they try it, this works on Sheldon. Penny validates his cries, and he ends up calming down.

The second time, it also works, when Leonard suggests Sheldon get an Uber. This time, however, they push their luck too far.

Penny And Leonard Test Drive Parenting

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“This is crazy,” said Leonard. “Howard and Amy are working together. Get over it.” This time, Leonard goes off book regarding Penny’s plan. With Leonard and Penny not coming out with a united front, the parenting crumbles.

Sheldon believes it is a big deal, while Leonard disagrees. Unfortunately, Penny also disagrees with Leonard. Since Penny And Leonard can’t find an agreement on Sheldon’s problem, their plans fall flat.

This, of course, blows up in their face.

“Everyone Gets Angry…” Said Penny

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“That is a good point. I’m really proud of the way you’re able to express your feelings,” said Penny. This came after an outburst from Sheldon, but Leonard still doesn’t agree with the other two.

“Everyone gets angry. Even mommies and daddies,” said Penny, likely from the book. This is when things start to slip away from the duo. Sheldon also notices that she’s too far on script, which makes him question their tactics.

Leonard pulls Penny aside to tell her to stop validating his behavior. At this point, we get to take a look at what it might be like if the couple does have children. Penny wants to be united, but Leonard thinks she’s coddling the boy (Sheldon).

Ironically, Penny then uses the same tactics on Leonard. For a moment, Leonard takes the praise, but then he too realizes what is happening. “Don’t use that book on me!” screams Leonard.

What do you think of Penny and Leonard using these tactics on Sheldon?